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Brad Pitt, Madona and Brittany Spears are all fans of Microdermabrasion. And for good reason. Each session is mild, but over a course of treatments, the result is smooth healthy skin that has a youthful radiant glow. A full laser peel will produce the same results, but there is significant risk and down time associated with a full laser or chemical peel. On the other hand microdermabrasion is safe and controlled and the end result is practically the same.


This truly remarkable, anti-aging treatment utilizes our exclusive cold light to reduce fine lines and wrinkles without the pain, tissue damage and downtime associated with medical laser treatments. Safe and effective for all skin types.The treatment is quite pleasant and relaxing and we combine it with deep hydration to provide immediate results, while in the tissues, the long term results develop.

ANTI-AGING (collagen regeneration for fine lines and wrinkles)

The Cold Light stimulates your own cells to produce more collagen and elastin. In turn, this firms and tones the skin and so significantly reduces the most visible signs of age. Several treatments can dramatically fade crow’s feet around the eyes, smooth the dark circles, and protect the skin against free radicals and soften scars.The treatment is proven to help with lifting, tightening and firming the facial muscles and smoothing fine lines.


Microdermabrasion prevents and corrects thickening of the stratum-corneum, eliminating congestion and smoothing the irregularities. Cold Light applies light in the blue spectrum which kills the bacteria and stimulates the dermis. A serum is applied to make the bacteria more photo-sensitive. The result is accelerated healthy cell renewal which clears your complexion. Our technicians are trained to assess individual skin conditions and apply the most effective therapy.


The laser is used to specifically target vascular lesions while minimizing side effects. The laser is applied to the desired areas with each laser pulse controlled individually to ensure quick and effective treatment with minimal discomfort. The spider vein is coagulated by the laser pulse and will turn white and disappear over a few days following treatment.The treatment does not require anaesthetic and feels like a rubber band snapping against the skin as the pulse is applied.


Unlike Hot Laser, Cold Light is effective on any hair. Even blonde and grey can be removed almost anywhere with no risk of scarring. This process provides a fast, comfortable and effective result. Cold Light treatments will weaken hair follicles when the hair is in early growth cycle (anagen stage).This is the only stage during which salt and water content in the hair is concentrated enough to allow the follicle to be disabled. The Cold Laser Therapy preformed during the anagen stage converts salt and water in the hair follicle into caustic, sodium hydroxide, which will reduce the follicle, preventing a new hair follicle from forming. Treatments are progressive with maintenance to follow.


This treatment is designed to treat hyper-pigmentation such as freckles, pregnancy masks or age spots. COLD-LIGHT in conjunction with a skin lightening epi-gel is applied to the target areas. Melanin cells are stabilized and as the skin goes through it’s cycle, the hyperpigmented areas fade and blend.


Microdermabrasion cannot be applied where these conditions are present. Superficial red and purple veins (vascular lesions) under the skin’s surface are corrected by COLD-LIGHT therapy. It will clear your blemishes and improve your skin texture and tone with quick and easy treatments.


Visibly soften and reduce the appearance of stretch marks and minor scars with a program of MICRODERMABRASION to smooth the surface and COLD-LIGHT to restore collagen and elasticity.


Cellulite is caused by poor circulation. Cold Laser Light therapy oxygenates your cells, allowing your body to stimulate your circulatory system to break down the unsightly bumpy skin.Your skin will be smooth and tighter from just one treatment.

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